Pawna Lake Camping ™

Pawna Lake Camping for Family
(Rs 1099/Person)

Campsite B - Rs 1099/Person

Price 1099/- per person – For Family – Tent stay, Food, BBQ, Activities, Lakeview, Speaker, Live Guitar On Sat

Schedule :-

  1. Check-in after 3:00 PM (late check-in allowed)
  2. Snacks from 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM
  3. BBQ from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
  4. Bonfire after 9.30 PM
  5. Dinner from 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM
  6. Silent hours 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM
  7. Next day breakfast from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM
  8. Check-out at 11:00 AM (late check-out not allowed on some conditions)

Meal Plan:-

  • Snacks: tea and pakoda/Misal Pav/Pav Bhaji
  • Veg-BBQ: marinated paneer and assorted veggies
  • NonVeg-BBQ: marinated chicken with assorted veggies
  • Veg-dinner: dal tadka, mix-veg or paneer, chapati, steamed rice, salad and sweet.
  • Nonveg-dinner: chicken curry, chicken dry masala, chapati, steamed rice, salad and sweet.
  • Breakfast: tea, poha,Omllete.

Things to Carry in :- Pawana Camping for Family

  • Torch
  • Personal medicines
  • Extra pair of clothes and slippers
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Warm clothing or extra blanket (during winters)
  • Umbrella (during monsoon)

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Pawna Lake Camping for Family

Located at the mesmerizing outskirts of Lonavala in Pune, Maharashtra, Pawna Lake is one of the most enticing places to visit. At a distant of 40 km from Pimpri Chinchwad, Pawna Camp site is all about recreation and adventure. People come all across the places to experience camping at fine and natural spaces near Pawna Lake. Also experience nature’s embrace with Pawna tent camping. Unplug, unwind, and create lasting memories under the stars. Book your adventure now!

We highly suggest for Pawna Camping for Family. One can like to wander and travel on their own but the joy of having fun with your family is beyond everything. It is in those memories and experiences that you remember the best moments of your life. Pawana Camping for Family is a one-way destination for all your destinations. Imagine camping and enjoying the scenic view of Pawna Lake with your family by your side – how serene would be the moment!

Camping brings you closer to nature and camping with your family refines your connection to another level. Your bond with your loved ones becomes stronger and you realise how important these experiences with your family are. The value of spending quality time with you family is utmost vital. We want to you have this realisation and cherish the Best Pawna Lake Camping for Family. Here you can do all the outdoor activities with your family members.

We here at Pawna Dam Campings understand that time is of the essence and your time with your loved ones is precious. Our services will make your time here at Pawna Dam wholesome and worthwhile. Under this Best Pawna Lake Camping for Family, you can enjoy playing games with your family member such as dart game, cricket, badminton and even enjoy the music night. We will provide you with everything from A to Z including food, stay and entertainment resources. The campfire at dinner time is one of the best parts about our camping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to go to Pawna Lake with family?

Many families visit Pawna Lake to camp, which may be a lovely and pleasurable experience.

Yes, Pawna Lake Camping is Family-Friendly. If you’re seeking for an unforgettable family trip, Pawna Lake camping could be on your mind. This lovely getaway combines natural beauty with outdoor pleasure. But safety is a top priority, especially when traveling with loved ones. In this blog post, we’ll look at the question “Is Pawna Lake camping safe for families?” Let’s look into and address your issues to ensure a worry-free holiday.

Is Pawna Lake safe for girls?

Yes, It is Completely Safe For Ladies, Couples & Child.

Pawna Lake is safe for girls. We are here to help you. We have a security crew at each campground for safety and security purpose.

What age is appropriate for Camping?

Pawna Lake camping, like any other camping activity, is suited for people of all ages. However, while determining whether a specific age group is suited for camping at Pawna Lake, a variety of variables must be considered. Here are some considerations.

Young Children (0 to 5 years): Camping with very young children may necessitate additional preparations and accommodations. Consider sleeping accommodations, closeness to amenities, and the child’s comfort in an outside environment.

Children (ages 6-12): Many youngsters in this age bracket may enjoy camping trips, such as those at Pawna Lake. However, care should be given to the amenities available, safety concerns, and the child’s enthusiasm in outside activities.

Teens & Adolescents (13-17 years old): Older children and teens can generally withstand longer camping vacations and may enjoy the outdoor activities and beautiful splendor that Pawna Lake provides.

Adults: Pawna Lake camping is typically appropriate for adults of all ages. Adults can actively participate in outdoor activities, appreciate nature, and deal with any obstacles that may arise while camping.

Is Pawna Lake camping safe for kids?

Camping in Pawna Lake may be a great experience for families with children. Our campsite is child-friendly, and we have special activities for kids like jumping jacks and swings to help them enjoy their stay. Meanwhile, you might take a brief walk along the lake. We ensure that you and your child enjoy the greatest experience possible.

Always inquire with the camping organizers about their regulations surrounding children and any additional safety precautions they have in place. In addition, check recent reviews and gather information from other families who have visited the same camping spot to learn about their experiences with children.

Is Pawna Lake camping safe for family?

Camping in Pawna Lake is quite safe and secure. Nonetheless, to keep things more safe, we constantly urge our campers not to bring important items with them. Please refrain from carrying large gold or diamond jewelry to avert tragedy. Carry a minimum of cash with you. Try to use virtual payment alternatives wherever possible. Carrying smart phones is mandatory, but you must use caution when handling them, especially near Pawna Lake.

Consider the following to ensure your family’s safety while camping:

Select a Reputable Organizer: Choose a camping organizer with favorable evaluations and a solid reputation. Look for organizers who put safety first and have skilled personnel.

Check weather conditions: Be informed of the weather prediction for the days of your camping vacation. Unfavorable weather conditions may have an influence on safety.

Follow Safety Guidelines: Follow all safety instructions supplied by the campsite organizers. This may include restrictions about campfires, swimming, and general conduct in the camping area.

Supervise Children: If you’re camping with kids, keep a tight check on them, especially around water bodies.

Carry Essential Supplies: Bring your camping gear, first aid supplies, and any other items suggested by the organizers.

Emergency Contacts: Keep emergency contact information ready and notify someone of your camping intentions and location.

Check for Recent Updates: Before your journey, look for any recent reviews or updates on safety problems at Pawna Lake camping site you intend to visit.

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